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The commercial and contract departments of companies are a dumping ground for burnt out lawyers, mathematically challenged accountants and accidental wanderers to the battlefield, from botanists to engineers. They may be diplomats brokering alliances, scouts sourcing superior strategic information, or warriors crushing their enemies. Many more become world weary bureaucrats that their ops counterparts curse while filling in requisition forms for their weaponry as the hoarde approaches.

I go into battle wielding my paper shields and gold nibbed sword, dragging a functionary turned squire who will hopefully absorb the critical thinking skills necessary to find the most effective way he can accomplish the project at hand, whether through appealing to the opposition’s self interests or bludgeoning with a stick. I seek to shift the balance for commercial and contracts to have the knowledge and ordnance to be partners in the war ahead rather than hurdles to be overcome.

Weapons of Choice (If you walk without rhythm, it won't attract the worm...)

Weapons of Choice
(If you walk without rhythm, it won’t attract the worm…)

I had been warned before I joined the battle that our own might hate and despise us. Or that the sea of red tape would swallow us. Yet the fun that I have had, walking through my battle plans with other divisions in the war room, constantly acquiring knowledge to optimise the performance of available resources, or forging a new alliance with a handshake following a worthy contest, makes it all worth it.